User object in actions is missing groups


I’m currently trying to automatically assign roles to a user on login. The users belong to a Google Workspace and are members of groups. I want to add the user as a member of Roles with the same name in Auth0.
I logged the user object in a Rule and could see all the groups of the user on the user object. The management API also returns the groups in the user object.
However, in an Action, the user object does not contain the groups. Is that on purpose? Do I have to refetch the user from the management API in the Action to get the groups?


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Hi @maufl,

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What you’re seeing has been confirmed, and a fix is in the works. There was a similar topic a little while ago about this (topic), and the team responsible for Actions have created a backlog item to include the root attributes from identity providers such as Google’s groups. I’d estimate this update to be complete by the end of this quarter (end of the month), but I don’t have a guaranteed release date yet.

Thanks for the fast response!

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