Try button for any SSO Connection has trouble with Redirect URI

Problem Statement

When trying a connection with the Try button, after entering the credential, the error “Invalid OAuth2 redirect_uri” is returned.


  1. Check if Custom Domain is set up.
  2. Check if the redirect URI is included in the Allowed Callback URIs in All Applications


The Try button uses the canonical domain and the Default App as a client_id to build the /authorize call. So when the redirect URI is with the Custom Domain, it will find a mismatch. Also, if the client ID is pointing to an app without the proper Allowed Callback URI, Auth0 will show an error after the authentication in the SSO.


  1. Copy the Try button link (if it’s not possible from the browser, open dev tools and copy it from the request)
  2. Replace the domain with the custom domain
  3. Include the callback URL in the proper application by client ID matching