Securing Blazor WebAssembly Apps

Hey Andrea, thanks for the warm welcome! I have verified that the audience is defaulted just like the tutorial. Here is a screenshot of the login flow… chrome log. The logs on the auth0 dash are a bit more confusing to me though, it does show a successful login but many more errors are happening for reasons I am not sure of. logs End result being what you see in the first image. If there is any more info I can provide please let me know!

Hi @gonsalvg,
From what I can see from the screenshots you shared, an error occurs while getting the access token.
However, I’m not able to figure out what the problem is.

To get more info, you should:

Both actions should hopefully give us more information about what is going on.

Hey again! In some strange turn of luck I managed to solve the issue somehow by switching the auth0 app type from SPA to “Normal Web Application” and then back again in its settings.


Perfect! Glad to hear that @gonsalvg!

Hey @gonsalvg, happy to hear you solved the issue! :muscle:

Found error ‘There was an error trying to log you in: ‘Invalid response Content-Type: text/html, from URL:’’

Hi @tkvision, welcome to Auth0 Community and thanks for reading this blog post.

The error you reported seems to be related to an error page sent by the /.well-known/openid-configuration endpoint in place of the JSON configuration data.

It may depend on a wrong configuration on the application side or on the Auth0 dashboard side.
You should find more details on the specific error by taking a look at the Log section in your Auth0 dashboard.

If the error message you should find in the logs is not clear enough, please, share it with us. It could also be useful to capture the HTTP request that gets the error. See here for more details on how to capture HTTP requests.