SAML federated logout redirect not working

Any updates regarding this issue? Is there an official Auth0 channel were we can follow-up with the releases / bugfix releases?

We still have the tenant-level workaround active, and I’m wondering if Auth0 still have the fix behind the internal feature flag @magnus.bergquist mentioned in the last post :point_up_2: or if it’s now fully released by default. Should we contact their support and mention the SES-2453 ticket?

Hey community members,

Did you all ever see an improvement with this issue?

I’m trying to set it up for the first time, and I’m running into some trouble. So I’m unsure if it’s a misconfiguration on my side, or if the fix was still never quite fully deployed/fixed?

Any confirmation of whether or not it is working for you all at this point would be super helpful.