Regular Web App with RBAC

Hi All,

I am developing a Regular Web App with RBAC feature using Ruby on Rails and Auth0. As far as I see there are no examples for building RBAC feature with such regular web app. Are there good document or example for the purpose? If not please give me some hints :slight_smile:


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Hey there!

Yep we don’t have anything specific for Ruby on Rails but have you checked our general step by step docs on enabling RBAC?

Hi @konrad.sopala,

Yes I’ve read the docs, but I am not sure I am fully understood. The docs describes about API only, not functionallities of a regular web app, right?

Hi guys, I’m blocked on this same issue. I am not getting any permissions back with my RBAC setup, and I did my best to follow the Role-based Access Control docs and they did not help me.

RBAC is enabled, add permissions to the access token is enabled, the user has the permissions assigned in Auth0, audience is set to match the api. The API I made is set to Authorized, and I selected the permissions in there. Oh, and the user can still log in, but I just don’t see any permissions in their token.

Any idea what I missed here?