Passwordless: user creation without text message and email


I use a passwordless mechanism in a react-native app.

Our users register to the app whenever they want, but won’t be allowed to sign in before they are accepted by the ops team.

From the backend, we create the users via the API, in auth0 that means: one user is created for the SMS connection and one user for the email connection. We will link these auth0 users later if needed.

The creation of the SMS connection sends a text message with a first OTP.
The creation of the email connection sends an email “Click and confirm that you want to sign in to API Explorer Application. This link will expire in five minutes”. This email looks like one with a magick link.

So these sign-in elements will be received out of context by our users when the ops team confirm the registration.

I did not find anything in the documentation, is it possible to deactivate the text and email at the user creation?

Thank you for your help

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This not possible as confirm in this thread email-sent-although-verify-email-field-is-false


Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!