OIDC Logout URL in the discovery URL

Problem statement

I want to enable the OIDC logout URL for my tenant’s OIDC discovery endpoint.

curl -X GET https://acme.eu.auth0.com/.well-known/openid-configuration
  "issuer": "https://acme.eu.auth0.com/"",
  "authorization_endpoint": "https://acme.eu.auth0.com/authorize"",
  "end_session_endpoint": "https://acme.eu.auth0.com/oidc/logout""


The RP-initiated logout endpoint, also known as the OIDC Endpoint logout endpoint is currently available for all Auth0 tenants. However, the URL is not available in the tenant’s OIDC discovery endpoint yet to protect the users from unexpectedly bouncing into the new logout UX in Auth0’s Next.js and Express SDKs. This will change with the future releases of SDKs.


To enable this feature, please open a support ticket.