My React app is automatically initiating a silent authentication with Auth0 immediately upon starting or refresh?


So, I’m wondering if anyone here has had the situation where everytime their React/ Auth0 app starts or a page is refreshed, the app attempts to automatically initiate a silent authentication attempt with Auth0 (successfully, I might add) ?

For some background- I initially used the React quickstart guide, and since my app also had to integrate a Hasura GraphQL database, I integrated a more complex solution described here to order to get the integration to succeed.

However, I’ve since walked back any code that pertains to dealing with this more complex integration, including un-wrapping of the “App” component with any other global components that could be causing this issue. Yet, this automatic authentication issue persists.

In addition to my code, I’ve gone through all my rules, actions, and API’s, but I can’t seem to find what is causing this issue. It seems like it could be something on the backend (management API?), but I’m not sure…

Does anyone have any experience with this? Would be grateful for any assistance.


FYI- I was mostly able to solve my issue using the solution here:


Glad you have found it and thanks for sharing with the rest of community!

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