Is there a way to support dynamic URLs and URLs other than index routes in Allowed Logout URLs when user is logged out?

For eg: I am in a page called localhost:8000/rooms?queryParams... and i am performing the login functionality there by using the loginWithPopup method. So after successful authentication , user is logged in and stay on the same page and we get the user info.

Now comes the logout functionality , for that we need to invoke this method and pass the federated option to true so that when user logs out and login again they will see the login popup again.

Here on logout , it redirects to the index routes mentioned in Allowed Logout URLs , so is there a option where i can pass a page location like above which has a pathname and query parameters which are dynamic ?

In dashboard it is mentioned we can pass wildcards like
Is there a option to pass like this http://* which also take the query params ?

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Unfortunately wildcards are only allowed for the subdomain and not the path. The suggested way to handle multiple routes is to use a single callback route (e.g. /callback), end redirect to the desired route from within your application. Here is another community post that covers this in some more detail: Allowed Callback URLs ending with a wildcard - #2 by prashantT

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