How to read all role and permissoin for logged in user

We are trying to use Auth0 for SPA application in javascript.
Authenticating using Azure connection and getting idToken on success.
The requirement is to read roles and permission for logged-in to restrict pages based on roles and permission.
Please guide us on how to achieve this.

Hi @mail4mithu,

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You can add the role/permissions to the ID Token or Access Token by using a custom claim in a Rule.

Here is a related topic that shows you how to add permissions to the ID Token: Accessing the permissions array in the access token - #10 by ryantomaselli

And here is how to add the user roles to tokens: Sample Use Cases: Rules with Authorization

Let me know if you have any questions about these examples!


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Thank you, Stephanie, for your help, I am able to get roles now. one small question can I change the name from link to roles? when I change it was not returning roles.

Hi @mail4mithu,

Any custom claims must be namespaced to be OIDC-compliant so that your claims won’t collide with reserved claims. This is typically done with a URI such as

So you can change the URI to something specific to your app, but it’s recommended that you use a URI as the namespace.

You can read more about namespacing custom claims here:

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Thank you @stephanie.chamblee for your help.

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No problem! Happy to help!

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