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How to protect my API and give access to consumers through token?

My use case is very simple.

I created an API using the Django REST Framework.
I followed this tutorial
and it’s working as per the tutorial goes.

Now, it just shows me to create one Access token for myself.

How do I create more tokens for my users, for them to be able to use the API? Been trying to figure out for a few days now, any help is highly appreciated.

My question is similar to this one, How to generate tokens for API users?
But I see he hasn’t gotten any closer to the solution he wanted.

My users will give me a username and I want to give them a token in return for them to be able to access my API.

Be gentle with me, I am new to all this.

This question is very similar to this one, therefore linking this other thread:

Let me know if the linked docs page helps to clarify a bit more.

Short answer: you need to register your API in the Auth0 dashboard, then use its API identifier as audience parameter in the authorize request from within your client application.

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