How to disable "Include Email In Redirect"?

Customize Email Templates says that one of the URL parameters for the Verification Email link is,

email if Include Email In Redirect is enabled in the template. By default, email is not included

  1. Where is the “Include Email In Redirect” option? I don’t see it on the Verification Email template page:
  2. I found that the email was included in the URL, actually. How can I disable this?

It is possible to disable the “includeEmailInRedirect” flag for your email template by using the “Patch an Email Template” PATCH /api/v2/email-templates/{templateName} (Auth0 Management API v2) endpoint in the Management API.

You will need to select the template you would like to change and include the following in the body of this call:
{ "includeEmailInRedirect": false }


Thanks for sharing that solution Matt!

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