How to check time synchronization status of Auth0 server

Problem statement

We want to know if the Auth0 server time is synchronized.


The JWT token’s issue time iat is based on the server time. Although most of the time it’s the your application server out-of-sync. We may need a method to check if our servers are synchronized.


  1. The Auth0 server has a /test endpoint that returns the current time of the Auth0 server.
    Please note it is not a public endpoint, and it is supposed to be used for testing purposes only.

  1. On a machine which time is synchronized (e.g. an AWS EC2 instance), compare the local time and the Auth0 server time.

  2. Here are the test steps:

  • launch an AWS EC2 instance, use timedatectl status command to check its time synchronization status (timedatectl(1) - Linux manual page)
  • use date -u +"%s%3N" command to get the local time (before)
  • use curl command to get Auth0 server time in your private cloud environment
  • use date -u +"%s%3N" command to get the local time again (after)
    Note: the date -u +"%s%3N" command and the Auth0 /test endpoint give the timestamp in milliseconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
  1. Assuming the time spent on both ways (to and from Auth0 server) are the same, the Auth0 server timestamp should be in the middle of the before and after timestamps.