How to change the access_token expiry?

Unfortunately as far as I can see looking at our API explorer there isn’t a way to set it using the API

ok thank you for getting back to me.

I have seen that this can be done from the auth0 console but is the change there really changing the access_token expiry when using the Authorization Code Grant Flow?

Hey @maria.romero!

Not sure about that. Can you tell exactly what console are you referring to? Let me check it then and get back to you soon!

in the auth0 Management Api settings page…
I have changed it to last 30 days but users are still being logged out after 24 hrs
This is why I was questioning if maybe changing the access_token when using the Authorization Code Grant Flow does actually change it…

Got it. Thanks for providing that context! Let me dig into it and get back to you with news soon!

and just for extra info this is a native app client using the SDK for implementation and the issue is when calling the CredentialsManager class… logged in status doesn’t persist after 24hrs which why we think the access_token is not really changing

Thank you! Let me try establish the reasoning behind it and get back to you with an answer!

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Hello everyone,
the section we are both looking at is the Auth0 Management API which is a system API and is not meant to be consumed in browser-based flows. You need to create a custom API which will then allow you to update that setting…

Is there any new regarding the ability to keep users logged in for a week or more in a spa scenario?

Any follow up here? It’s been quite frustrating to deal with this on our end. We keep getting customer complaints for this 24h limit.

Any solution for this? Even I too searched a lot for getting the access token valid for 7 days but not able to find any solution…