How can i generate api keys for users (stored in auth0) with auth0?

we are managing users with auth0 now we want to provide every user an api key. so that they can access to our API using that key provided/generated by us. how can i do this with auth0? if there is any possibility with auth0 then please share a sample code or any repo.

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There isn’t quite a built-in way to issue API keys for users.

Are you wanting to allow users/admin to have access to the management API of your auth0 account? Or are you referring to a custom API you have built?

Let me know,

i am referring to a custom api… e.g api as a product

@dan.woda how can we implement this kind of scenario with auth0.

Thanks for clarifying.

Take a look at this post that describes using client credentials in a similar way:

As far as I know, there hasn’t been any development on allowing API keys.

i read that already. there is no solution in that post. @dan.woda

The solution outlined is to use client credentials. If you are looking strictly for a built-in API key feature it is unfortunately something that we don’t currently offer. You can make a feature request to our product feedback page if this is something you would like to see.

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