Getting user info from JWT on laravel API backend

Hi guys , im building my spa + laravel backend platform.
This is what I have so far:
Can login with my vuejs spa and get a jwt token form auth0.
Request a protected route and test both cases:
a - Valid success message when submiting provided token.
b - Not authorized message (403) when submiting random Bearer String.
3 But…
When decoding jwt there is no usefull info.
Would you point some working example for this flow?
How can I get authenticated user info ?

Next I will share my unsuscesfull attempt.
Taking this and adding some modifications , this is the route I have:

      Route::get('/getAuth0User', function (Request $request) {
        $jwt = $_GET['token'] ?? $_SERVER['HTTP_AUTHORIZATION'] ?? $_SERVER['Authorization'] ?? null;

        if ($jwt !== null) {
            // Trim whitespace from token string.
            $jwt = trim($jwt);
            if (substr($jwt, 0, 7) === 'Bearer ') {
                $jwt = substr($jwt, 7);
            $token = $jwt;
            $tokenParts = explode(".", $token);  
            $tokenHeader = base64_decode($tokenParts[0]);
            $tokenPayload = base64_decode($tokenParts[1]);


dd provides something like:

  "iss": "",
  "sub": "google-oauth2|11028787487949742512",
  "aud": [
  "iat": 1657477224,
  "exp": 1657563624,
  "azp": "6qqkwbmK1OKqwrSE9Y6JBiiHCXEsIaJd",
  "scope": "openid profile email"

This does not any make sense for me,
How can I get usefull data ?

Any feedback would be great!

Hello @leandro!

Good question! The data shown is just the contents of the access token - The following post may be useful in terms of outlining some of the available options:

Hope this helps!

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