Get organization role's users

API endpoint to get all members associated with one role in the organization

It would be useful to have one API endpoint that returns all organization members that have a specific role, just like endpoint /api/v2/roles/{id}/users but in the context of the organization.

The use case is that we want to have a table with all organization members and their data and it would be very useful to have displayed user roles that we can get with one API request instead of sending one API request for one user.

Hi @vladimir.bulatovic,

Thanks for creating this feature request!

Hi we’re running into a similar issue with a similar use case for this particular endpoint/feature. I see that something similar has been brought up before.

I think possibly even adding a roles attribute to the /api/v2/organizations/{id}/members would be super helpful. The current work around is to request member roles for each member which isn’t scalable as member sizes begin to grow.