Generating per-user API keys for services

Hello, I am new to auth0 and looking for some help with the following use case -
We have a service that is accessed through a library that we distribute to users and which the users can integrate into their applications. We would like to support auth for this case. Ideally, we would like to let each user generate an API key that they can pass into our library. I looked through the forum posts and came across this one - - it sounds like this is not a use case that is directly supported in auth0.
Is there a way we can make auth0 work for the case where we distribute a library to the user? What auth flow should I use in this case? Any pointers would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Hey there @hktestuser welcome to the community!

You might be able to achieve something similar using an M2M approach outlined in this post:

I also definitely recommend adding your input to the following feedback request as this is a common ask:

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