Feature request: Add Google Cloud PubSub support for Log Streams

The GCP equivalent to AWS EventBridge or Azure EventBus is Google PubSub (or at least mostly equivalent). It would be awesome if that was one of the supported Log Stream types. For now I’m forced to roll my own Google Cloud Function that gets called using a HTTP Log stream and simply pushes the body to PubSub.

Thanks for sharing that feedback. Let’s see how others would react to such feedback!

I would like that feature too.
Right now the only workaround for me would be to create a custom application to implement a custom webhook that would relay the logs from auth0 to GCP.

Thanks for adding your +1 to it!

I am very interested in this - is there any update on this?

Not yet unfortunately but getting more votes and advocates is definitely helpful!

I would also really like this added

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We are also interested in log streaming to Google BigQuery.

+1 the custom webhook option for authorization header is pretty limited. By default GCP ID tokens expire after one hour and it would be nice to be able to dynamically regenerate the authorization header.

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I literally built this for Auth0 nearly two ago now:

Not a single comment from anyone at Auth0.

All that had to do was have someone review it and add it to their configuration but I guess not enough of us have made a stink about it.

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Any news on this? Seems very strange to support 2/3 of the major cloud providers, and take multiple years to still not integrate with the third. Pub/Sub should work just fine for this.

Hey there!

Unfortunately it’s not there yet. Sorry for the inconvenience! We’ll make sure to relay the news once we have internal confirmation on that front. Thank you!

This would be extremely useful. +1

Very keen for this feature - when can we expect PubSub support?