Can't trigger Lock authentication event

Hi all. I thought I’d rephrase a prior question I had, as I think I’ve got things narrowed down to a specific issue/misunderstanding.

In an effort to familiarize myself with Lock, I downloaded the sample app from the Vue Quickstart and I’m trying to put Lock into it. Within authService.js, I’m definining a lock with a responseType of token id_token and a redirect URL. I have a function in AuthService that sets the on("authenticated" ... ) listener and calls show() on the lock. I call that function from NavBar.

All of this seems to let me create a user and log in just fine. The problem is that the on listener never triggers, neither in that moment nor when I confirm my email address. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Should I be setting on elsewhere, or creating the lock elsewhere for that matter? Thanks.

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