Can I have auth persist across multiple Auth0 applications? NextJS "Regular" app and a create-react-app "SPA" app

I am trying to make a monorepo with a website (NextJS) and an SPA (create-react-app), and persist the same Auth0 cookie across both so a user can login from the NextJS website, and be redirected to the CRA app and still stay logged in, or just navigate directly to the CRA app and that cookie be persisted from an older login.

While following the docs for nextjs-auth0 it told me to setup a Regular Web Application.

While following the docs for auth0-react ( it told me to create a SPA app in Auth0’s Dashboard.

I was hoping to reuse the same Auth0 Application (the Regular one) with the create-react-app app, but when I fed it that client ID, it didn’t seem to work.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to make multiple Auth0 Applications and connect them somehow? This seems like it should be a pretty common pattern.

I got the same issue and wonder why no one can give any hints?
Currently, we run multiple Next.js apps concurrently (with Turborepo) and I’m only able to authenticate the user on the “Login” application (running on a different port than the others).

More details: Authenticate User on multiple localhost Next.js apps (with different ports)

I really hope someone is able to provide an answer to a problem with a not uncommon approach to web app development.