YAML script for extension: "Auth0 Authentication API webhooks"

Is it possible to set Auth0 Authentication API webhooks (auth0 extension) config via YAML?

I looked at the document

and tried this:

  - name: "Auth0 Authentication API webhooks"
    enabled: true
    Schedule: "Evrey 5 minutes"
    BATCH_SIZE: "100"
    LOG_LEVEL: "Error"
    LOG_TYPES: ["Success Login","Warning", "Deleted User", "Success Logout", "Failed Logout"]
    Webhook_URL: "https://restcall/webhook/"
    Authorization: "Vghsjdkfjbvs6sd"
    Send_as_Batch: "Enabled"
      bcrypt: "3.0.6"

but it is throwing an error because triggerId is missing. Couldn’t find triggerID for auth0 webhook extension.

can anyone suggest how to fix or suggest a template for auth0 webhook extension config setup via YAML for the deployment?