Xamarin Android - Parameter is required Parameter name: refresh_token

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  • Which SDK this is regarding: Auth0.OdicClient.Android
  • SDK Version: 3.13
  • Platform Version: Xamarin
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I was trying to call Parameter is required
Parameter name: RefreshTokenAsync() method from Xamarin Android app and I’m having following error “Parameter is required Parameter name: refresh_token”

here is my code

private Auth0Client _auth0Client;
    public AuthenticationService()
        _auth0Client = new Auth0Client(new Auth0ClientOptions
            Domain = AuthenticationConfig.Domain,
            ClientId = AuthenticationConfig.ClientId,
            Scope = "openid profile email offline_access"

public async Task<Auth0AccessTokenResponseModel> RefreshToken(string refreshToken)
        Auth0AccessTokenResponseModel result = null;
            // TODO: check why these values come as null values
            RefreshTokenResult refreshTokenData = await _auth0Client.RefreshTokenAsync(refreshToken);
            if (refreshTokenData is RefreshTokenResult)
                result = new Auth0AccessTokenResponseModel()
                    AccessToken = refreshTokenData.AccessToken,
                    ExpiresIn = refreshTokenData.ExpiresIn,
                    IdToken = refreshTokenData.IdentityToken,
                    RefreshToken = refreshTokenData.RefreshToken
        catch (Exception ex)

        return result;

And also I tried to pass the refresh token as an additional parameter , but it also behave like same

await _auth0Client.RefreshTokenAsync(refreshToken, new { refresh_token = refreshToken });