Xamarin Android C# decode Jws ES256 (ECDSA)

I’m looking for a simple standalone solution to use with Xamarin Android C# to just decode Jws ES256 ( ECDSA?), such as a native android .so with c# wrapper. Ideally something like this:

Header = {“zip”:“DEF”,“alg”:“ES256”,“kid”:“7Rv24kRNqlYbHrbxd-qBFerpZvIUboztS3pE1mr0dnG”};
Jws = new Jws(Header);

I’ve explored a gazillion “solutions” but none of them are useable without a ton of effort. The closest I found was from Chilkat, but their Mono option doesn’t support Android, their Android option isn’t C#, their C# option not Android either.

Hey there!

I’m not a Xamarin expert but maybe some of our resources will be helpful: