Wrong email or password prompt showing "UNKNOWN_ERROR"

Problem statement

We are seeing the “UNKNOWN_ERROR” appear instead of the wrong email/password error.


  • When using a wrong username or password with a Custom DB, the returned error is “UNKNOWN_ERROR”.


After the current deployment week (7/13), we will be resolving this issue in all environments. The problem originally surfaced during the week 24 upgrade in Private Cloud, but we have taken steps to address it by backporting the necessary changes. The upcoming deployment will rectify all affected versions, including those from weeks 24 and 25.

Rest assured, the problem has already been resolved in week 26, and we have backported the solution to weeks 24 and 25 as well. This means that everything will be fully resolved after the next deployment.

In the meantime, if you need a temporary workaround, one option is to pass a string message as the second argument when creating a new instance of the WrongUsernameOrPasswordError(). This will help mitigate the issue until the permanent fix is implemented. For example:

new WrongUsernameOrPasswordError(..., 'Wrong username or password. Type again.").
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