Without www in my domain does not lead to authentication? Am I missing something?

I am not receiving the auth token back when used without www in my domain name, I have tried setting **“Allowed Web Origins” and “Allowed Origins (CORS)” to “https://practable.com,https://www.practable.com , but no success.
Can someone help me out ?

Hi @chadhasumit13

We need more information. Is there an error in the tenant logs?

At a guess, I’d say you need to configure the callback URL, but cannot be sure without much more info.


The challenge is with opening the website in browser without www. Tried using both ( https://site.com,https://www.site.com) in callback, wherein Auth0 DOES NOT resolve back with authentication details.
The callback works fine when the website is opened with www. , and the callback is https://www.site.com, wherein Auth0 resolves back with authentication details.