Why when I visit my login page am I redirected to our homepage?

We are trying to set up our login and it works well when visiting devdashboard.wurkzen.com it redirects to our login page however when we try to visit devlogin.mywurkzen.com/login or devlogin.wurkzen.com directly it redirects us to our home page. Why is this?

Hi @wurkzen,

devlogin.wurkzen.com is just an alias for your Auth0 tenant. You cannot typically point your browser at that hostname. If you try to access an invalid URL at devlogin.wurkzen.com I believe you are redirected to the first URL in your list of allowed logout URLs in your tenant settings.

Going to /login directly without all the additional required parameters results in the same behaviour. You can only go to devlogin.wurkzen.com with a fully constructed call to /login or /authorize.