Why Management API only supports updating metadata , but not root attributes?

I’m aware you can update user root attributes such as name, email via Rest API.
I’m wondering why the Management JS library only supports user metadata?

Is it anti-pattern/not recommended to update user root attributes directly?

Hey there @panda!

Not sure why it was implemented this way. Let me reach out to the tool maintainers and ask them!

Getting back with the news. So unfortunately for now Auth0js needs a new method to patch the root attributes. There’s no ETA for that as of now but I’ll create an issue on GitHub that you will be able to observe regarding that. I’'ll post the link you can follow in a few moments!

You can find it here: https://github.com/auth0/auth0.js/issues/946. Please do let repo maintainers know any other questions regarding that in this issue. Thank you!

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The repo maintainer is on vacation right now but once he’s back he will work on that. It will be great if you can also let other community developers here know once the feature is there after you’ll close the issue together!