Why is user blocked?

I had a user attempt to sign in twice and both times received the message user is blocked. On the third attempt they succeeded. I’ve read that a user may be blocked after repeated login attempts but in this case it was just two and then they were able to sign in successfully within the same minute as receiving the blocked error message. Are there other reasons this message might be received? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Hi @brennan

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Blocks do not expire. Is it possible they logged in with a different identity?

You should be able to look at your logs and see the entire transaction to get a sense of what exactly happened.

Hi @dan.woda thanks for responding. This user is/was not blocked by us. What do you mean “logged in with a different identity?” Like using a Google account for example? The logs show:

time, type, description, user
2021-08-20 01:13:59.665 UTC, Failed Login, user is blocked, N/A
2021-08-20 01:14:07.440 UTC, Failed Login, user is blocked, N/A
2021-08-20 01:15:42.672 UTC, Success Login, Successful login,

I confirmed with our other logging that these three logs are all pertaining to the same user. I’m trying to ascertain why the user would be blocked if not by us and whether we can adjust our implementation to prevent this issue or if this was just an intermittent issue.

Would you please DM me the name of your tenant so I can take a look?

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