Where does auth0 store credentials for expo apps?

Hi everyone,
I’m a newbie react-native(expo) and auth0 user so bear with me my lack of knowledge and experience. I’m developing an expo app for which I use auth0 as authentication as a service.
So the app flow goes like this: User is asked to login, they select authentication by Google on which user is signed in. My question is I do remember signing in for the first time but from next time where is this information stored about user credentials? Like if I had to clear it and sign in with another Gmail user what can I do? I hope I wasn’t too vague. Apologies.


What you are talking about is called a session. See the docs here:

We don’t store any credentials for google, we store the session.

See here for logout info: https://auth0.com/docs/logout
This will help sign in as someone different