When using organizations need to log in after every page reload

I’ve been following the documentation regarding Vue.js SPA and it works correctly. However when I enable organizations I need to log in after every page reload. When organizations are disabled when page reloads I am logged in automatically.

I am using the following options in Organizations tab:

  • “Team members of organizations”
  • “Display Organization Prompt” = true

Is there something more I need to configure or change in the default implementation from the docs?

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Łukasz Głaz

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We have this same problem in our React app. Please advise on if a solution exists, the current behavior is not acceptable in a production application.

Christian Carollo

Hi all,

This is a scenario that we’ve now addressed in the Auth0 SPA SDK that underpins our Vue sample and also our React (and Angular) SDKs. Starting from auth0-spa-js@1.18.0, it will try to remember the organization that you specified to functions like loginWithRedirect, so that the next time it authenticates silently (such as on page refresh) it should remember which org the user was signed into.

Could you please try updating to the relevant version and see if it resolves your issue?

auth0-spa-js: 1.18.0
auth0-react: 1.8.0
auth0-angular: 1.7.0

I’ve also already bumped the version in our Vue samples :+1: