When does multiple Auth0 tenants make sense?

I understand that it’s recommended to create separate Auth0 tenants for different environments like staging and production. But are there other cases where it makes sense?

Consider this: You have three apps that all have separate pools of users and separate notions of accounts that these users can belong to. It’s not a use-case for a user of one app to be able to log into another app – in fact, they’d probably find it strange to know they’d use the same login between apps.

Is that a case where each app should be a separate Auth0 tenant? That makes sense to me, as – for example – if you wanted to store the account ID the user belongs to in app_metadata, that wouldn’t make sense to be shared with the other apps, but app_metadata isn’t app-specific.

Or am I thinking about this all wrong?

Thanks for any help!

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