What is Auth0 IP Signals

Auth0 Signals is a collection of dynamic data feeds that enable our adaptive authentication pipeline to produce high-quality user confidence scores.

The IP reputation signal provides a continually curated and accurate IP reputation data. It takes the hard work out of consuming Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) by curating, parsing, and normalizing numerous blacklists from across the dark web. Auth0 uses this data to protect our infrastructure.

Who can use Auth0 IP Signals?

Security analysts

Auth0 IP Signals will assist security analysts with incident response and forensic investigations, as well as provide application security engineers with proactive abuse prevention accessed via an API.

Incident response and forensics

When a security incident is identified, security analysts begin investigation and response processes to determine if a legitimate security incident occurred, its scope, and the best way to remediate the threat.

Using the Auth0 IP Signals tool, security analysts can submit IP addresses involved in such incidents to identify traffic from known threat sources quickly.

Abuse prevention

Using Auth0 IP Signals API, security professionals can detect malicious activity proactively, not reactively. For example, automatically checking IP reputation during the authentication flow can help prevent common threats, such as credential stuffing attacks.

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