WebView Sign on to FE React App Flow

Hi everyone,

We are setting up a webview mobile app for our main application. Google doesn’t allow sign on through webview, so we are using a kind of unique approach and are open to any suggestions of how to do it better.

The process is as follows:
User opens app on phone ->
App prompts user to login using Auth0 ->
Credentials received from login ->
Webview redirects to FE React App with hash as access token, etc. ->
React App should be able to auth0.parseHash and give user access

Unfortunately, it breaks down at the last part. The error we receive is that the state does not match. I have been trying to figure it out for a little bit with no luck.

Could anybody provide some kind of insight for this?

Did you find a solution or workaround to this? We are experiencing the same issue :frowning:

We have it fixed for the most part. There is still a bug when a user logs out in the web application, for some reason the first login afterward fails the hash test… but the second login passes the hash test. It is odd and only relates to a user logging out, but in general we are much closer than we were.