webAuth.uthorize, wrong redirect_uri

I am trying to login with webAuth sdk.

const clientConfig = {
    clientID: XXX
    responseType: 'token',
    redirectUri: 'https://localhost:3000/index.html#login_handler',
    audience: YYY
var childWindow = window.open(url,'', 'height=300, width=300');

The login process seems to work fine up to the redirect, which is to
instead of

I tried everything but the part after the # is removed and the results that should be query string parameters are not (missing “?”).

I tried with a nodejs proxy, but the requeried URL in req.url is missing all the parameters because of the missing “?”

Also I noticed that the # is always added, even if it is not present in the redirectUri…

So I basically have 2 questions:

  • how can I redirect to an SPA page (index.html#page) ?
  • from where does the # come from ?

Actually using webpack devserver for testing.

PS I have a working version of the app that uses auth0-vue (same redirectUri etc)


It seems I cant edit the post… I have forgotten the line of cod to get the authorization url

var url = webAuth.client.buildAuthorizeUrl( clientConfig );