Web App 401 Login Error

We are using auth0.js to username/password authenticate users on a single page app. It was working successfully until I setup a second application in our auth0 dashboard to use for production, and started copying data from the original to the prod app in separate tabs. But…that seems to have overwritten some of our settings in the original auth0 app (oops, don’t use two tabs to save things I guess!) Now, nobody can login to the original app.

When our app makes a post request to https://accountname.auth0.com/oauth/token we receive a 401 response with {“error”:“access_denied”,“error_description”:“Unauthorized”}.

Any ideas where we might have messed up our app’s settings to cause this?

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Good morning,

It sounds like the client secret is most likely wrong. I would recommend reviewing your env variables that you have set. Alternately, you can log in to the quick-start page to automatically add the correct credentials to the code.

Thanks, passing in the client_secret does make it work…but previously we had been using only the client ID and using username/password authentication. Is that no longer something we can do?

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