We are looking to change email permission via app password to OAuth.

Looking to point my dev team in the right direction. We spoke with sales and they kept circling back to universal login as our solution. We have a webapp where people use any email to sign on. However, when they sign on they go into settings and set their work email + app password so our app can send emails through the system and their outlook. We use MailBee.NET Objects as a part of this. Can you please point me to the documentation where Auth0 allows email access for this usecase?

Hi @alex26,

Welcome to the Community. I’m not sure I understand your question. I assume your web app is using Auth0 for authentication, and you have users signing up with whatever email address they want to use.

The work email + password you are referring to does not seem to have anything to do with Auth0. Is the intent to change the users login email address from what they signed up with to their newly entered work email?

Obviously I don’t know the details of your setup but the “work email + password” flow you mentioned sounds like a use case for OAuth itself. Users entering a password into Application A so Application A can use that password with Application B is a bad pattern to follow, and one for which OAuth was created to solve.

I’m probably completely out in left field here but let me know if this helps or not.