Vue sdk working with cordova


Ive setup a pwa using the vue-spa-sdk and auth works great. However when I wrap the pwa in cordova the auth flow no longer works.

I’m testing on Android and when I click the button to open up the Auth0 hosted login page nothing happens. Ive added my android app id to the list off allowed callback urls etc but no luck.

Is there some way to continue using this auth flow from this sdk whilst the pwa is within cordova? (As opposed to using the cordova sdk.)

@James.Morrison is there any docs on how to deal with one of the sdks inside cordova or combining spa-sdk with the cordova sdk?


Good morning @d.sutherland86 and welcome to the community!

Why not just leverage the Cordova SDK out the gate? That’s what it’s specifically built for.

I may be misunderstanding the goal but I don’t suspect leveraging the vue-spa-sdk wrapped in cordova will produce the desired result :confused: Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your reply @James.Morrison its an existing pwa that uses a lot of the methods from the spa-sdk to assess whether the user is authenticated etc. The two sdks look to approach auth differently and I’m trying to avoid maintaining 2 code bases by integrating the cordova sdk for the native apps.

Have seen anyway to continue the spa-sdk within cordova? I’ve managed to get as far as opening the redirect tab, showing universal login and picking how to login but just can’t get the flow to return to the app because uts being served from a file:// location. So close but so far!

Thanks for your reply, any ideas or pointers would be fantastic.

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