Video Overview of Auth0 Architecture

I created this Youtube video and hope to get time to make more:

Positive feedback is highly appreciated. Please easy on me with constructive criticism as I cry easily.


Thanks a lot for sharing that! I’m moving it to our “Show your Auth0” category as this is a place for such content :slight_smile:

Hello @dedicatedmanagers,

Great video overview of Auth0! Thank you for creating it and sharing with the Community!

We are currently sharing Auth0 Community member contributions on the #Auth0Community Twitter account. Would it be alright if we post a link to your video and tag you in an upcoming tweet? It would be great to share it with our followers! If you’re fine with that please share your Twitter handle in the thread.

Thanks again!


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Absolutely. Feel free to use the full video in any way that is helpful.

Twitter: @dmanager



Perfect! Thanks for allowing us to do that!

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