Version tagging tenant config

I’m using the a0deploy CLI tool to keep my tenants (dev, test, prod) in sync with config changes in my CI pipeline.

However there’s no easy way to determine what version of the config has been pushed to a tenant as there doesn’t appear to me to be a “tenant version” or tagging capability that I can add a “version” tag too.

Is there a way to add tags to a tenant configuration?

Hello, @kierans777,

No, we don’t support tags. I know that we support specifying branches, though, so you could have a different branch depending on your environment.

Thanks @joseantonio.rey.

I do have separate branches but if I have more than one test environment (test branch) I have a script that creates the config.json from profile settings (this involves decrypting secrets and other steps) and then running a0deploy. So while I do have seperate branchs it doesn’t help me know which tenant has been updated. For example with AWS I apply a rolling tag like master_123 to the environment as part of the deployment to match the tag in the repo. I’d like to do the same with Auth0.

If it’s not possible, maybe there’s a new feature here to give the ability to tag a tenant with a version.

Hey @kierans777,

Aha! That totally makes sense, and I can see how it can be useful :slight_smile:

I would strongly recommend that you raise an issue in the Github repo for a0deploy, and you could also modify the code to suit your needs as it’s open source if you prefer to go that route as well.

However such a change is not useful if there’s no way for the version tag to be stored in the tenant (that I know of). The point of such tagging is that I can log into the tenant Dashboard and see what version of the config is applied (or do an a0deploy export and compare).

So there needs to be a way to tag the tenant with a version number and have it propagate through the rest of the Auth0 tooling.