Using Social Login with Auth0 React Error on tab close

Hey guys,

We have a react website and it uses the Auth0 Google Social login as the backend. We followed the get started with react-auth0 docs and everything works fine except this small quirk.

When we sign in to our website, and close the tab without signing off and reopen the webpage again the login page fails to display and upon checking the console the following error is noticed:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘loginWithRedirect’ of undefined
{error: “timeout”, error_description: “Timeout”}

Would you happen to have any ideas on why this may be happening?

Hey there!

Can you share with us the link to the quickstart you used so we can try to reproduce it? Thanks in advance!


I am mostly following this tutorial:

Just a quick note - when i try this on localhost, it seems to work, however when I attached a domain to this using AWS, and when I access the same website after deploying it to a production environment it fails with that error upon tab close/reopen.

Does this have something to do with domains? Do we need some additional settings for that?


Not sure. Let me research that and get back to you soon!


Did you manage to find any quirks or possible solutions/ideas as to why this may be happening?