Using {% include %} or {% render %} Tag in Auth0 Email Templates

Hi Team,
Is there a way we can reuse a template ? I am not sure how we can use the {% include %} or {% render %} tag to reuse templates in Auth0

Hey there!

Not sure if I understand what you want to achieve. Can you explain a little bit more your usecase?

So i was trying to change the user invitation email template.


`{% if condition %}`
`      {% include custom_user_invite.html %} //This template shall be our template`
`{% else %}`
`     {% include default_user_invitation.html %} //This template shall be auth0's default user_invitation.html`
`{% endif %}`

Unfortunately that’s not possible I fear. I highly encourage you to place that as a feature request in our feedback category here:

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I double this feature request

Thanks for the +1 Fetis!