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Using hooks with Gitlab deployments


is there a plan to include hooks in the gitlab deployment extension?


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Hey there!

Let me reach out to our Extensibility team that is responsible for both features to find out more about that. Can I ask you if you can provide us with more context on your usecase? Thank you!

Hi @pep! I’m Chip, product manager for the extensibility team. Thanks for reaching out.

We’re working on finishing up support for hooks in the Auth0 Management API, the Node.js Management SDK, and the Deploy-CLI tool right now.

All of that work is a pre-requisite for supporting hooks in gitlab. Once it’s complete we do plan to extend that support to the deployment extensions sometime in the new year, but I don’t know exactly when.

What questions can I answer for you?


Hey there Pep! Have you had a chance to see Chip’s previous message?

Hi both,

I would just like to have that feature, if it is not available yet there is no question for me to ask.


Got it! Thanks a lot for providing that info!