Using Embedded Auth0 Lock widget as Login screen in Asp.Net Mvc 5 Code

Do you have any documentation or Sample Code that will help us to use embedded Auth0 lock widget as our login screen. We’re also using the OpenID Connect middleware and owin in our ASP.NET MVC 5 application. We are unable to find any sample code for it so far. Can you please provide a sample code or documentation for this scenario which will be of great help.

Hi @rakeshnir92

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Hope these two reference points can help you.


Hello @jeff0 Thank you so much for your quick response. We have checked the two reference points you shared.

  1. We have referred this Auth0 Docs guide. It supports for redirecting to login screen hosted on Auth0 domain.
  2. This github code sample shows keeping our own simple forms login screen and handles authentication by calling the auth0 Api at the controller level.

Our Scenario is like we have done our code setup as like the Auth0 Docs which you have provided for our reference.
But our need is instead of redirecting to login screen hosted in auth0, we wanted to make our own login screen which uses embedded auth0 lock widget that supports other social identity providers like Gmail,Facebook. So that from the auth0 lock widget when we login, we should be properly authenticated with the required claims and redirected to our app’s redirect Url , which we configured in our auth0 lock widget.

Kindly provide us any sample code or documentation for handling such case in MVC.