Using Cleint Name in SAML endpoint instead of Client ID


We are in the process of implementing Auth0 Identitiy Provider and it will serve to multiple Service Providers using multiple SAML endpoints.

We have a symmetric architecture where each Service Provider environment has a corresponding environment in Auth0 and also we are using CI/CD for both Auth0 and Service Providers configuration.

The issue that we are facing now is that Client IDs are not known in advance and we have no control over them, i.e. if Client Name changes the Client will be recreated by a0deploy with new Client ID and this will break all the existing integrations.

My question to community - is there a workaround where instead of referencing SAML endpoints with Client IDs, we instead can use Client Names that we know in advance and we have control over?

This will help us to streamline CI/CD process a lot.


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