Using auth0 with FastAPI

I see in the official documentation present an example of working with flask. Auth0 Python API SDK Quickstarts: Authorization

As I switched from flask to FastAPI (inspired by flask but with many improvements) I have developed a lightweight lib for integrating with auth0. fastapi-auth0 · PyPI

Perhaps it could be added in the official docs as the recommended way to work with fastapi.

Hi @dorin.clisu,

Thanks for sharing this! I’ll pass this along to the team that manages our SDKs.

Hi @dorin.clisu,

We are sharing Auth0 implementations and helpful resources like these on the @Auth0Community Twitter account. Would it be alright if we tag you and share this in an upcoming post? If so, would you mind sharing your Twitter handle?



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@dorinclisu is my handle, though I’m not quite active on twitter. Feel free to tag / share :slight_smile:


Thanks again, @dorin.clisu!

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