Users search management API errors


I’m getting a validation error on the “include_totals” parameter on the /api/v2/users endpoint. This is using the python requests module, I don’t imagine there would be any weird typing issues happening with that module.

I have also tried running as a curl command and it doesn’t return an error response but seems to be ignoring the include_totals field:

requests.get(‘’, headers=auth_ext_api_headers, params={‘search_engine’: ‘v3’, ‘page’: 1, ‘per_page’: 100, ‘include_totals’: True})

{‘statusCode’: 400, ‘error’: ‘Bad Request’, ‘message’: “Query validation error: ‘Expected type boolean but found type string’ on property include_totals (Return results inside an object that contains the total result count (true) or as a direct array of results (false, default)).”, ‘errorCode’: ‘invalid_query_string’}

Hey there,

That’s weird as the request looks right and booleans in Python starts from capital letter. I know it might be counter-intuitive but can you try settings include_totals to true instead of True. If that doesn’t change anything I’ll reach out to appropriate engineering team.