Users need to log in several times per day


My company currently is getting issues with some customers, Auth0 seems to have a kind of timeout that forces the users to log in again when no activity has been done. This is really annoying because they have to log in several times per day and they have also to write the username each time since there is no option to remember the user. The settings in Auth0 seem to be the correct ones to avoid this, based on other answers I have found of people who have had similar problems. What could I check? In another topic that I opened before I said the problem is on a SPA app, and we use Auth0 SDK-Owin to implement our login. Dan.woda asked me if we use auth0-spa-SDK, I will tell you as soon as I can make sure about this.

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Have already checked this:

Hello, @Fran!

It seems like you missed a part of your message here.

Could you also please confirm if this happens after you refresh the page?


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Thanks for your reply!

Those customers have had this issue no matter what they do. They have uninstalled/installed the app again, but it seems it is not related to it since it doesn’t happen for most of the other ones.
I really don’t remember what I was going to write at the end, but we’ve been searching for an explanation and we can’t find it. My guess is that there is something different in their servers, Could it be anything that happens with the cookies, for example?

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SPAs are not meant to be installed. Could you be looking for a Native SDK?

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It is a hybrid app that uses Cordova, it is not a native one

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We also have a Cordova SDK :slight_smile: It can be found here: