Users Migration with Custom Database

Hi all,
We want to use our persistent Data Storage for the Username-Password-Authentication.

We have enabled the Use Custom DB toggle and created the Login, GetUser, Create scripts. Additionally we have a legacy database and we want to migrate all user accounts that will sign-in within 3 months period and for this connection we have created Login and GetUser scripts and enabled the Migrate UserAccounts toggle.

The Create script for the Username-Password-Authentication connection is using MongoDB template which store Profiles in our MongoDB. The script works just fine when we TRY IT and Register.

When we use Lazy migration from our legacy DB, on the first login we see the UserAccount persist in Auth0 Users collection but not in our DB.

Any idea how to create a copy of the Useraccounts in our DB ? and is it possible to detach Auth0 managed DB and works with our DB only ?


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