Users have to log in several times in a day


Currently my company is having issues with 2 customers, Auth0 seems to have a kind of timeout that force the users to be logged again when no activity has been done. This is annoying because they have to log in again, they have also to write the username each time, no option to remember the user, and the settings in Auth0 seem to be the correct ones to avoid this, based on other answers I have found of people who has had similar problems. What could I check?
Have already checked this:

Thanks in advance

Hi @Fran,

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Knowing more about your setup can help us narrow down the issue. Different types of apps have different mechanisms for keeping users ‘logged in’.

What type of application is this happening in? (SPA, native, regular web app, etc.)

How are you implementing your login? With an Auth0 SDK? Directly against the auth API?

Could this problem be browser related? Often times cookies can be blocked by browsers or extensions. Trying incognito tabs and different browsers can help narrow things down.

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thanks for your Reply :slight_smile:
The problem is happening on a SPA app, and we use Auth0 SDK-Owin to implement our login.

Are you using the auth0-spa-sdk?

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